Introducing “Trying My Best”

I’ve launched a Kickstarter! It’s for a new web series I’ve been working on with my pals Jessie and Wes for around a year now. It’s a huge deal for me. All my nerves are flying about everywhere – sorry if you get some of them in your eyes.
I’ve not been so excited about a project since EVER. WOOO!!

You can get a taste of the humour and style from our pitch video for the series, here:

Go check it out, even if it’s just to read our ridiculous campaign page, and please spread the word – the more people we can reach with this, the more amazing the series will be. Seriously – we’re SO close to the goal right now, but that’s the bare minimum we need to make the show. The more we can raise the more beautiful, polished and perfect it will be. IRON CLAD PROMISE.

If the video has piqued your interest, click here to visit the Kickstarter page and learn more about the project, rewards for backers and look at all our shiny colours!

Oh, and please spread the word! SHARING IS CARING!


Berserker Quest VI: The Curse of the Onyx Medallion

Recently I had a lot of fun recording loads and loads of dialogue and assorted grunts for a computer game!

The game has been released today, is entirely FREE, and is called Berserker Quest VI: The Curse of the Onyx Medallion. It’s an action RPG style game which a friend of mine has made with his mad skillz.

Check out the promo vid:

As you play, you’ll be able to hear me as the main character, as well as the Narrator. What a versatile voice actor I am.

Speaking of my versatility, here’s some box art I made for it:

My 'Berserker Quest VI' Box Art. Sorry.

My ‘Berserker Quest VI’ Box Art. Sorry.

My lawyers have advised me to state here that my attempt at box art is not indicative or representative of the quality or feel of the game, nor should it be used as official box art or indeed appear on a box at any time.

Check out more info on it and download it FOR FREE, here.


Slutmonster 2013!

Slutmonster 2013

If you missed our comedy musical stage show ‘Slutmonster and Friends’ in last year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival, but still want to check it out, you’re in luck! We’ve been hard at work making the show funnier and way more awesome, and begin our three-week run of the new and improved ‘Slutmonster and Friends’ tonight as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

Check out the new trailer here:

Slutmonster Promo

The show is running from Thursday-Saturday for the next three weeks (April 4th – 20th) at Northcote Town Hall. More details and tickets available through the Comedy Festival website or at www.slutmonster.com.au. Come along and see why the show was awarded Highly Commended in Comedy at the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards. Hope to see you there!


Slutmonster is coming…

My good self and two other folks from the Heartless Corporation crew are performing in our very own show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival this year! The show is called ‘Slutmonster and Friends’ and you can check out the website at www.slutmonster.com.au for more info!


Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas from all of us at Heartless Corporation!

Okay, obviously there’s only three of us in this video, but it’d be weird for me to say “Merry Christmas from three of us at Heartless Corporation!”

Anyway, it’s been a big year, and with two MASSIVE new projects on the horizon, it looks like 2012 will be even bigger. If that doesn’t pique your interest… well, it’s probably because I’m being too vague. And fair enough.

See you in the new year, chumps!


Random Google Image Search = Steve

Here’s what happened: Last night, boredom led to a random Google image search. Random Google image search led to random image. Random image prompted recording of song to accompany image. Result is this video.

Been hard at work on another project which is now wrapping up, so there’ll be some more proper videos coming soon.


Cute Crab Comic

Jessie Ngaio has illustrated another of my brainfarts into a comic. Please enjoy “Modest Crab” at your leisure, and leave a comment over there letting us know what you think.
Click here to visually imbibe it.


SALT – A new video with music and puppets!

New video over at SighFive.com featuring my music, and some awesome puppets by Jessie Ngaio. If you like annoying songs that get stuck in your head, this is your lucky day!


Have a free, hilarious comic strip! On me!

I’ve penned my first comic strip over at www.sighfive.com – which has been illustrated by the lovely and talented Jessie Ngaio. This is what I anticipate will be the first of many comics by yours truly, so if you get a giggle out of it, I encourage you to comment and bookmark or subscribe.

Click here to check out the new comic.


Nyan Cat – Smooth Jazz Cover

So after the excitement of my previous post, it’s time to mellow out a little.

I’ve made you all something to help.

You’re welcome.

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