Berserker Quest VI: The Curse of the Onyx Medallion

Recently I had a lot of fun recording loads and loads of dialogue and assorted grunts for a computer game!

The game has been released today, is entirely FREE, and is called Berserker Quest VI: The Curse of the Onyx Medallion. It’s an action RPG style game which a friend of mine has made with his mad skillz.

Check out the promo vid:

As you play, you’ll be able to hear me as the main character, as well as the Narrator. What a versatile voice actor I am.

Speaking of my versatility, here’s some box art I made for it:

My 'Berserker Quest VI' Box Art. Sorry.

My ‘Berserker Quest VI’ Box Art. Sorry.

My lawyers have advised me to state here that my attempt at box art is not indicative or representative of the quality or feel of the game, nor should it be used as official box art or indeed appear on a box at any time.

Check out more info on it and download it FOR FREE, here.

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