New video + More to come!

Bowie enough for ya?
I have a new song/video out, over at www.sighfive.com, a website filled with delightfully twisted and often hilarious comics. I’ll be on board over there in the very near future as a guest-writer for a few comics – maybe many comics, if things pan out. And to that end, I implore you to check out their previous comics while you’re over there being blown away by my awesome dance moves.



It’s been over two years since I last updated this place, so I’ve done a little bit of rejiggering of content, added a page of my songs due to requests to do so, and given the background a new splash of paint. It now even comes complete with a neat new cartoon me, courtesy of the lovely and talented Jessie Ngaio. Over the coming weeks I’ll be working to add even more stuff, and bring it back to life, so stay tuned, or whatever the internet equivalent of that is. Probably something to do with subscribing to an rss feed or something. Not sure.


“I Always Get Into Stuff” an Idio Clips Finalist

Having today been advised that the new music video for “I Always Get Into Stuff” is a finalist in Tripod’s 2009 Idio Clips competition, it is now confirmed that the video will be featured as part of Tripod’s Comedy Festival show. The show, also titled “Idio Clips”, will take place at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre on Sunday 19th April, in which Tripod will perform the songs live to the music videos, as they are presented on a large screen.

Tickets are fast selling out, so book yours by clicking here, or by calling Ticketek on 132 849.

UPDATE: Well, we didn’t win, but we had a good time. That’s what you’re supposed to say to save face when you’ve been cheated out of your winnings, right? In all seriousness though, congratulations to the winners, and time permitting, we may be back next year!


Getting Into a Music Video

For the last three years, Australian Musical Comedy group Tripod have ran an annual competition and Melbourne Comedy Festival show known as Idio Clips. The objective of the competition is to create a music video for any song from Tripod’s catalogue. The entries of the competition are then voted on by Tripod themselves, and finalists are chosen to be screened at Tripod’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival show on Sunday 19th April 2009, where they will perform the songs live to the clips as they play on a large screen.

This year, for the first time in the three years the competition has been running, my group of cronies and I are finally removing our posteriors from their respective sitting positions, and creating an Idio Clip entry of our own. Filming has begun last weekend, and should be wrapping up in two weeks time.

Tickets for the Idio Clips show can be purchased online here. We can’t guarantee that we’ll make the finals, but we’re an optimistic bunch.
A sneak peek


A work in progress…

Welcome to my new website! Please excuse the emptiness and any unforeseen disarray –  I’m still putting this thing together. Before too long it should be a lot more feature-packed, and I plan on making it not only a little portfolio of my work, but also a place to keep up-to-date with current goings-on and newsy tidbits direct from my very real life.

Let me know what you think anyway. Feedback is good in these early stages. Ironing out the kinks and whatnot. The little number thingy sticking out underneath the date there is the little number thingy to click if you want to leave a comment.

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