Here’s some songs and musical ditties wot I did. You can play the songs directly from this page, or right-click and ‘Save As’ to download them for your later…. whatever it is you plan on doing with my stuff.

What It’s Like In Japan
A cover of Logan Whitehurst’s comedy song, which I felt inspired to cobble together following my trip to Japan in 2011.

You Can’t Spell 9 No More
A song I composed on the topic of something you’re unable to do anything about.

Nyan Cat Jazz Cover
A smooth Jazz cover of one of the most catchy meme-songs to ever exist, originally by daniwell-P & Momone Momo UTAU. Loops for almost 15 minutes, so you know, a great one to slip into a party playlist. Video here.

Bad Luck
Sang by my housemate Nelson Gardner. Though I only feature at the very end in the backing vocals of this one, I did compose the music and co-write it, so it’s technically one of my songs.

Lucas’ Voicemail
My voicemail song. One of the few self-explanatory songs I’ve done.

My own version of the PokeRap. ‘Nuff said.

Ode To My Special Friend (Beautiful Head)
From this YouTube video.

Da Di Du De Do Da Di – Babel Fish Translated (feat. Kago Ai)
Really doesn’t make any sense without the context provided by this YouTube video.
Alternatively, there is also the Lucas Solo Version, the same thing minus the Japanese underneath.

Jordan Gardner’s Theme
A theme song written for the winner of my “most amusing comment on my Facebook page wins a theme song” competition. As you do.

Love Making 101
A quick and straightforward introduction to lovemaking. See also:
Love Making 202
Love Making 303
Love Making 404
Love Making 505

Tommy G
From this Facebook video created for our friend Tommy G, played at his going away party in 2008.

Creepy Jesus Paradox
As much as I’d like to provide context for this one, there isn’t any.

The Ultra Official Heartless Corporation Letter Opener Jingle
Also featuring the vocal stylings of Mr. Wes Gardner. From this YouTube video.

Brobokiss (Beastie Boys & W Mashup)
An unlikely mashup of W’s “Robokiss” (A Japanese Pop-Song) and the Beastie Boys’ “Time To Build”. J-Pop meets Hip-Hop in a sort of…. Jip-Hop, I guess. For more complete digestion, I suggest listening to it complete with visuals, courtesy of this YouTube video.

Keep checking back for new musical lunacy.

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