Here’s some of the videos and short films I’ve worked on.

Doing A Vlog
The harsh reality of one of the world’s most commonly overlooked problems – the Vlogger.
Warning: Contains excessive coarse language.

Do Wah Diddy Diddy
An unfortunate interpretation of a classic.
Based on the song written by Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich, and the joke written by Marc McIntyre. Starring Lucas Heil and Marc McIntyre.

I Don’t Want To Have Children
Short and straight to the point.

Lending Machine
A Short I devised and recorded on my pocket camera during my lunch break at work one day. The aim was to create a narrative with a beginning, a middle, an end, and then a middle again. Just to be annoying. This is how I roll.

Mr Conspicuous: The Man with the Plastic Hat
Despite Hollywood’s unrelenting insistence on making movies, there remains little doubt that the glory days of high-budget, blockbusting motion pictures are sadly long gone. Once there stood proud and majestic creations, symbols of hard work and patience, products of visionaries and dreamers. Now there just stand a few blue-screens, blemished with those who laughably pass as actors as they desperately pretend to hide from some yet-defined creation that the CG designers have been too busy being rich to concoct. Mr Conspicuous acts as testament to this sad tale. The short film is a six-minute mock-trailer, listing the accumulating errors of the movie industry as it spirals downwards to join ‘Radio’ and ‘Jukeboxes’ in the deep dark pit of forgotten leisure. It offers a lighthearted look at the darkening soul of Hollywood’s suffering portfolio. Despite the trailer’s repeated suggestions of highly financed action, it should be duly noted that Mr Conspicuous was made on a budget of $25 and a packet of cigarettes.

One man learns the secrets of immortality. Not this guy, someone else.

Be careful what you wish for.

Montage à Trois
A superliminal lightscape.

Ode To My Special Friend
My smooth crooning.

Tom Gleisner: The Man, The Art
My good friend Tom Gleisner (the owner of the bird seen in the previous video, and no relation to the Australian comedian of the same name) has returned to his humble home town of North America, and with the help of his other friends, I was able to immortalise him in a fake tribute video featuring us all, which we screened at his going away party on Friday December 12, 2008. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it, you all rock, let’s do it again some time. Written by Lucas Heil & Wes Gardner. Amusing photoshopped images by Jessie Ngaio.

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